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Why Milk Powder Makes Baking Better, According to Sam Miao

If you’re not familiar with Sam Miao yet, his signature is to create gorgeous contemporary cake design for birthdays, weddings and other cheerful occasions.

Sam Miao from Sam Baking High

Sam is the man behind Sam Baking High, and is currently baking his way to success via the visual platform Instagram. Wellshine Wellson had the pleasure to meet Sam at our recent promo event at Chadstone Shopping Centre, where he joined us to showcase how to implement milk powder when baking.

He was quick to mention his love of milk powder as a staple ingredient in his baking arsenal. He says, “You can really feel and taste the difference!” But what does milk powder actually add to the baking experience? To answer we thought we’d catch up with the baker himself to get a better understanding.


W: Hi Sam, glad to have you back! The event at Chadstone was a great success for you. What are you currently working on?

S: Thank you! At the moment, I am busy preparing and decorating wedding cakes. Summer is just around the corner, which is traditionally filled with lots of beautiful weddings. It's a fun time for me.

W: Your cakes do look pretty amazing. Where do you find your inspiration?

S: Everywhere really. I get inspiration from pictures, movies and different food cultures with all their flavours and traditions. When I'm travelling, I make sure to take photos of food and interesting textures, that I can implement in my cake design when I return to my studio.

W: Why did you become a baker in the first place and what's the best of your job?

S: As a child, I was obsessed with these traditional Chinese almond cookies. Such a simple cookie and yet so full of flavour. As silly as it may sound, they brought my family and I special moments and happiness. Since then, I've wanted to create things that bring out that feeling of something everyone can enjoy together. To be part of different moments in my customer's lives, whether it's for a birthday, wedding or a friend's great success story, the celebration is something I really enjoy partaking in. The best part of my job is the baking process! To get the right mixture and batter and then watch it rise perfectly in the oven. That is so satisfying for some reason ha ha.

W: You've mentioned to me that milk powder just makes baking better. Why is that?

S: Milk Powder makes the baking process so much easier as you can control the liquid better. It adds body and makes my cakes and bread softer and more tender as it has a way of enhancing the dough. Especially when I am baking my sponge cake, I can really taste and feel the difference. It’s fluffier somehow. Next time you're baking, try adding two tablespoons to your batter and see the wonders for yourself.

W: So do you prefer Whole or Skim Milk Powder when you're baking?

S: Personally I'd go for Whole Milk Powder because of the flavour and fat content. It has this really great richness, depth of flavor, and texture that I like adding to my baked goods.

W: Sounds good. Thanks so much for taking your time today Sam! Before I'll let you go, I have one question left.... What's YOUR favourite dessert?

S: Oh wow, that's tough. I am a fan of lots of sweets but the one that comes to mind is my Mango Cake. It's so refreshing and perfect for summer and all the garden parties coming up!

If you also want to make your baking experience better, check out our recipes or read about "6 Lifehacks using Milk Powder." Be sure to drop by Sam's Instagram page @SamBakingHigh to stare at his beautiful creations.

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