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Wellshine Wellson Donates $10,000 to Victorian Communities Affected by the Bushfire

The Australian Dairy industry has experienced significant changes over the past few years. Some of the main causes are natural disasters and drought, which are becoming a yearly phenomenon. It directly impacts our agricultural communities and beloved eco-system. Through these tough periods, comes a climate of volatility

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In recent months, we have witnessed parts of Australia be devastated by bushfires. According to World Wide Fund for Nature ‘WWF’, “more than 12 million hectares of land has been burnt and 1.25 billion animals were estimated to have been affected. This includes agricultural animals resulting a significant impact on national cattle herd. It also greatly impacted many of Australia’s most iconic species.

" Our hearts continue to go out to the victims in the Australian bushfires, and we wish those affected a strong recovery "

To provide support to the impacted Victorians and help them rebuild, we’ve donated $10,000 to the Community Enterprise Foundation™ in partnership with Victorian Bushfire Appeal. In partnership with The Victorian Government and the Salvation Army, the organisations involved pledge to donate 100% of donated funds to affected Victorian communities.

In addition, we’ve also partnered with our food charity organisation FareShare, to make a food donation of 150 kilograms of milk powder - that's equivalent to over 1,000 litres of fresh milk. They do a fantastic job of providing many, free, nutritious meals to Australian communities in need. Understandably, fresh milk has a shorter shelf-life, however, so milk powder enables FareShare to prepare big batches of quiches, breads, pancakes etc., without the risk of the ingredient going off immediately. In short, milk powder helps organisations such as FareShare to have a flexible partner in the pantry.

We’re proud to have supported Community Enterprise Foundation and FareShare in their efforts to provide assistance to the victims of droughts and bushfires. The disaster unified Australians together, and it proves that our communities are strong and our people are resilient. We will recover together. - Wellshine Wellson Team

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