Milk Powder

Our Instant Milk Powder range is made from 100% fresh milk, provided by Australian farmers. It is especially created to give you all the essential nutrients required to support a healthy body & mind

Wellshine Wellson Full Cream whole milk powder 1kg

Whole Milk Powder

Rich, creamy and full taste

1kg Wellshine Wellson Skim Milk Powder, low fat, 99% fat free, high calcium, high protein

Skim Milk Powder

High in protein, low in fat and with fewer calories

Student milk powder, omega 3 DHA, vitamin A, vitamin D, high calcium 1kg

Student Milk Powder

Enriched with Vitamin A & D and DHA

100% Natural

Milk powder offers a convenient long-life alternative to regular milk. Use it as whitener for your tea, coffee and when you are cooking or baking. It is easy to store and offers value for money. Powdered milk truly are versatile.

All our milk powder range is manufactured using a low heat, spray-drying process that carefully ensures all the nutritional value is fully retained and maximised - just like fresh milk.


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