Jarrah Honey is unique thanks to the 'Eucalyptus Marginata' tree found in the South-Western part of Western Australia. The Jarrah tree provides the nectar for the bees to harvest. As a result, it gives the honey its unique, caramel-like taste, loaded with natural antimicrobial benefits. Jarrah tested to have one of the world's highest antimicrobial activity levels ever found in honey.

Jarrah Honey

Wellshine WELLSON's

Jarrah Honey TA30+

Jarrah honey, from Western Australia, is abundant in natural vitamins & minerals, including antioxidants.
It also has a low GI index.

The high antimicrobial activity (TA 30+) is derived via the honey's natural hydrogen peroxide forming enzymes. It is excellent in boosting the healing process of sore throats, minor wounds and burns among other things.

We love its smooth caramel-like taste that covers just the right amount of sweetness.

To learn more about Jarrah honey, visit our blog post.

Natural Benefits

We get our premium honey from a fourth-generation bee-keeper, who has proudly kept on the family tradition since 1898.

The 'TA' number represents the total activity of antimicrobial qualities unique to Jarrah Honey. Think of it as a bacteria killing scale. 

Our honey is TA30+, which means it comes from older and bigger Jarrah trees, giving it an extra health boost. This honey is also high in fructose and low in glucose. Which makes it less likely to crystallise.

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