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All of our farmers are long-term partners, whom we support and encourage with good care. Their products do not only represent our company but also everything we stand for -  the nutritious goodness of natural products. Each of them manage their own unique area of Australia to ensure we receive only the best quality products from them.  

At Wellshine WELLSON we truly value the efforts of our farmers who all do a fantastic job in their designated areas.

Milk Powder

Our milk powder has its origin from South Gippsland, the heart of Australia’s clean and green dairy industry. Gippsland is a major Australian dairy region and represent around 22% of all Australian milk production.


Here we have our hard-working farmers using trusted processes to ensure that the natural milk has been spray dried to preserve all the natural goodness and special benefits. 

Jarrah Honey

Jarrah Honey is unique to Western Australia. Here it's harvested by the bees from only one flower – the flowers from a single type of eucalyptus tree (Eucalyptus Marginata).


The flowers blossoms once every two years, which makes the honey very rare but luckily we have our passionate beekeeper, who is specialised in producing and testing high quality Jarrah Honey.


An Abalone is a huge snail that lives on the rocks in the shallows of the ocean. Diving for and catching Abalone is fantastic fun and very rewarding. However, it's a skill that usually requires a lot of practice and patience before being continually successful.


Our abalone partner have extensive knowledge in handpicking wild abalone, which have made them one of the top provider of seafood within Australia. Our Blacklip Abalone comes with its original natural unique sea flavour from the Australian Great Southern Ocean. 

What makes Wellshine Wellson special?

Wellshine WELLSON started the company in 2012 with our Full Cream Instant Milk Powder. Since then, a lot has happened. We have broadened our range with more premium products to accompany our mission: “To inspire families to get a stronger, healthier and happier life through trusted, premium Australian products.”

We believe that our product makes a difference because we believe in the hard-working people that loves what they do. They love and care for the food as much as we care for people & their community.

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